Marketing For Life Coaches: Guidelines in Advertising Your Services

Are there any specific guidelines that life coaches must follow with respect on how  they would advertise their services as a life coach?


Follow the FTC Federal Trade Commission guidelines on how to market or advertise your services but any service needs to follow the FTC guideline. Mainly the FTC guidelines that apply to you as a life coach are the guidelines around demonstrating typical client results i.e. using testimonials, case studies and examples of your clients it could have been successful if you show or if you flaunt a client that made a million dollar because of your services then that with or without the right to disclaimers without you being able to say these results are not typical and here are the typical results that people get and showing some statistical results then that is a violation of the FTC guidelines.

How you can advertise the result that people could get with your services?


That’s the biggest problem we usually see with coaches advertising in a way that we go against the laws or the guidelines basically other than that you are pretty much free to just get about what you want  it must be basically honest and it doesn’t commit any plagiarize practices or any kind of plagiarism or stealing from somebody.

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