Marketing Your Online Coaching Business

Marketing online coaching business is not that hard since a lot of people are using the internet now. There are myriad of ways to promote it to successfully acquire more coaching clients. One of the strategies that is considered to be effective these days is getting coaching leads. In this way, whatever coaching leads you’ll get, you can possibly convert them as your coaching clients. Though it may take some time and money, but the result you’ll be getting is all worth it.

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Online Coaching Gets Clients Pursuing YOU


How to Get Clients to Pursue YOU by Building a Life Coaching Business on The Internet

Here’s how I built an internet based life coaching business that’s generating passive revenue for me in about 6 months.


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These strategies are fairly simple, but they will take a bit of time and money. The good news is that marketing your life coaching business on the internet is not complex, in fact because online coaching has become very user friendly, it’s easier to market on the internet now than any other form of marketing.

Tips For Online Marketing For Life Coaches

Marketing for life coaches is a challenge. Think about it. How do you feel about sales and marketing? Do you want to be writing sales copy or coaching clients? Probably you want to be coaching clients—enough clients to make a good income. The problem is you have to find them before you can coach them. How are you going about it right now?

This week I’m in a JTS Advisors training on internet marketing for life coaches, and it’s a real eye opener. Marketing may not be what you want to do, but since you want to have enough clients to fill your practice and have a great income, here are two ideas to help you be successful.

Marketing for life coaches takes an unexpected mind set

Marketing is all about your prospect, in this case your client. If you look at coaching websites and blog pages on line, most often what you see is words and pictures that are all about the coach. What the coach wants to do for the client. What the coach thinks the client needs. Guess what? What you want to do for the client is probably not what he or she is looking for. Your potential clients will only begin to like and trust you if your words make them feel you understand them. What you say has to address the deepest fears, frustrations and desires of your potential clients. Then they will know that you”get” them—that you understand what it is they want or need, and they may be willing to go to the next stop with you.

What else is absolutely critical for successful marketing?

What is the most critical phase of marketing for life coaches? It should be obvious, but it’s easy to miss. It’s GET STARTED! The toughest thing about marketing is often getting started. You want it to be perfect, right? That seems like a good reason to not do it yet. But it’s not. Push past your reservations and get something out to begin to market to your potential clients. It doesn’t have to be perfect—once you have something, you can test and tweak and revise until you get the results you want. But if you don’t start and push through all the yammering in your head that’s getting in your way, you won’t get any results at all.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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